Risk of being "weekend sportsman"

The pace of modern life, joined the pressures of keeping in shape. Which leads to many people to encourage physical activity at the little free time that remains. What measures taken to ensure that health doesn't come out damaged
The pace of life in today's society is completely different to that of our parents or grandparents, where they had a space for the family, they shared small everyday things as sit down with us to do the homework of school, go on weekends to the forests of Palermo to a picnic, share the kite, the ball and much more.
Today the society lives at an accelerated pace. Father and mother usually work and arrive late to their homes; sedentary lifestyle, stress and some factor of cardiac irrigation (cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, smoking, etc) slowly begin to pass bills and cardiovascular events (LCA, myocardial) appear increasingly early in life.
People spend several hours outside their homes, many decide to devote a few hours to the sport. So is some run marathons, others resort to the gym, walking, jogging, riding bicycle, etc.
In addition to the pressure of a culture that promotes the "look good", many see as a healthy physical activity to improve the quality of life and often train 2-3 times per week on a regular basis and thereby go preparing the cardiovascular system, lowering risk factors.
On the other hand other, tired by their daily activity prefer to go home and spend weekends to sport. In this case, the risks of suffering, since osteo-musculo-articular lesions until a cardiovascular event or sudden death, tend to increase, having no adequate preparation, gradual and regulate.
It is a dangerous situation because it is sedentary individuals with inadequate physical preparation, which seek to recover everything that did not do in the week. Their muscles are weak, with lack of flexibility, evil irrigated, poor coordination and certainly with some cardiovascular risk factor, sometimes controlled, others unknown.
Weekends are usually cardiovascular events, sudden deaths, and sports injuries.
From the point of view osteomusculoarticular, we find individuals who are not ready your muscles, joints, and tendons for occasional sports activity and we have tears and muscle contractures, sprains (ankle, knee) lumbago, tennis elbow, a fracture, etc.
The training is based on the sport.
Cardiovascular, did not do an aerobic workout weekly nationally, we have lack of conditioning heart, added to hypertension, obesity or overweight, sedentary lifestyle, etc. The risk of a cardiac arrhythmia or myocardial infarction may be present, especially in older than 35 years, in that coronary heart disease is usually present.
Why is recommended, for sedentary people who do weekly physical activity, not only choose the sport, but the intensity and time, not run vigorous exercise or group sports (football, tennis), they prefer to walk, ride a bike, swimming, aerobic sports are the advisable.
You should be warm (15-20 minutes), quick, not smoking three hours before and after exercise, wait two hours after the main meal.
Recommendations to take into account
* Make annual medical check-ups and to control risk factors.
* Older than 35 years is suggested to add a stress test, before starting to practice a sport.
* Are recommended courses in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and have an external automatic none in places where sports are practised.

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